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Who Am I?
Who Am I?

My name is Ragid Hallak. I am a computer engineer with a passion for the games industry as I have spent all of my time in the industry doing multiple things like handling PR and Social Media for gaming clients in MENA, creating an indie game, helping other developers, and working in gaming media. I work towards making MENA one of the leading markets in the industry and supporting the community.

Currently I am Communication Executive at Active DMC, working with global brands like HyperX, AMD, The 4 Winds, World War 3, Krafton, and more. I also co-founded Arab Game Awards, a first-of-its-kind Arab gamers-led awards ceremony for the Arab gaming community, and I was a juror for The Game Awards 2020-2021

What I Am Doing Currently

Active DMC

Communications Executive

Handling PR, Social Media, and more for clients in the MENA region such as HyperX, AMD, World War 3, Blizzard Entertainment, Krafton, and more!

Arab Game Awards

Co-Founder/Head of Comms and Organizing

Arab Game Awards is a first of its kind ceremony in MENA to celebrate the best games of the year. The event is the biggest in MENA and aims to be the main platform for game announcements for the region and more. I was responsible along the AGA team with selecting the jury which is made of MENA’s largest media and creators, beside the planing of the event, PR, Social Media, and communications.

Samma3a Tech

Lead Critic/Journalist

Lead Critic and Journalist at Samma3a Tech. Reviewing games and hardware across different platforms and writing high quality features and articles about gaming.

Khawater Alaab

Host and Founder

I founded Khawater Alaab (Game Thoughts), a podcast hosted by myself to talk about video games industry. It’s a hobby project and the first episode was Top 1 in Oman and Top 3 in Saudi on Apple Podcast.

Where I Worked Before


Lead Game Critic/Journalist

I was responsible for reviewing games across different platforms, interviews with developers, covering news about the industry, and local/global events.


Editor in Chief/PR

I launched with the team, managed the website’s content, writing, and handling PR.

Crealode Games


I co-founded the studio which is still working on Bob and Prickle, 2D platformer shooter coming to Steam. I did the writing, marketing, community management, public relation, and helping in game design.

Zubda Newsletter


Editor and writer of news/topics related to technology, games, and the internet.

Syrian Technology Center

Project Manager/Editor in Chief

Managing the website content and editors, writing about technology and video games.



GameStars was a startup that focused on Esports. I was responsible for covering the latest gaming news.



Writing the latest news about video games on various platforms.

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